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  Using the SiteCreator application, you can create and edit sites from templates with minimal work experience. The application has convenient settings and an intuitive interface. Once you purchase the SiteCreator application, you will have access to all site templates.

Working with the application.

1) Download the site template you like and open it for editing.

If the template has already been downloaded, just open it.

Select the site page to edit and click the icon in the menu.

In the window that opens, edit the items you need.

2) Set the title of the page using the "title" tag that appears in the title of the browser window or page tab. From the name of the page, the user learns what is on it. The title of a page can be important for search engine optimization. Search engines typically display the first 55-60 characters of a page title. When using keywords in "title", search engines will highlight them in search results if the user has completed a query with those keywords.

3) Specify the "meta" tag to provide search engines with a brief description of the content of the page, indexing and displaying accompanying information in the search results. The effective length of text in a meta tag is between 70 and 155 characters and starts with a keyword. The meta tag should consist of related text, not duplicate the "title" tag, describe a competitive advantage, contain a call to action, in connection with which the user should have a desire to go to the site.

4) Set the name of the menu pages.

5) Set page titles.

6) Set the page content texts.

7) Replace the names and url addresses of links.

8) If it is convenient for you, you can edit all tags in one window.

9) You can also replace images.

  After editing each of the items listed above, to save the changes, you must click the "save icon".

10) After you are completely finished creating the site, click on the "create zip archive" icon. Zip archive is needed for the convenience of uploading the site you created to the hosting of your provider.

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