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 Calendar Diary Notes free application for Android for creating notes and reminders for selected dates in the form of a convenient calendar with advanced functions such as:
  • convenient and multifunctional calendar
  • dates with notes selected in green triangle
  • create and save notes for selected dates
  • take notes with your voice
  • voice playback of notes
  • ability to edit data
  • sending saved data
  • the ability to create one-time, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly notes
  • search in stored data
  • scan the QR code to take notes
  • creating a QR code for data exchange
  • setting a password to log into the application
  • various skins
  • select the start of the day of the week (Sunday or Monday).
  • export / import (save) data as a backup and transfer it between devices using the Calendar Diary Notes app.
  •   The application has convenient settings and an intuitive interface.

    Working with the application.

  • Click on the desired date of the calendar and create a text note, select the period (one-time, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) by default one-time and click on the "save" button after which the data will be saved in the application.

  • To view all data, click on the view icon.

  • Dates with notes are highlighted in green triangle on the calendar, to view, press the desired date.
  • To share: select the data, click the share button and select the desired action.
  • To generate a QR code: click the "QR Code" button in the corresponding data cell.
  • The generated QR code will open in a new window. Another user can scan it on their phone and the data will be transferred.
  • To scan a QR code, select “QR Scanner” and point your phone camera at the QR code to scan. The scanned data will be copied to Calendar Diary Notes.
  • To delete: click the delete button in the corresponding data cell.
  • If you want to delete all data: click the delete icon in the control panel.
  • To sort data in ascending or descending order of the date: press the "sort" button in the control panel.
  • To set a password for entering the application: in the menu select "create password". When launching the application, you will be prompted for a password. To remove a password: Select Remove Password from the menu and enter your existing password.
  • To export data: select "Export Data" from the menu, select a location to save and click the "Select" button. A "CDN with current date format dd / mm / yy" folder will be created. The saved data can be copied or sent to another device using the Calendar Diary Notes app and imported.

  • To import data: in the menu, select "Import data", select the location to save the exported data and open the folder "CDN with the desired date of saving in dd / mm / yy format" (there will be three files in the folder) and click the "Select" button. A window will appear prompting you to merge data, if you choose to merge, only the missing data will be added. If you choose not to merge, then all data will be loaded. The data will be imported into the application.

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