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 Clipboard CopyPaster application for Android to simplify working with a standard clipboard, having advanced features such as:
  • saving all copied data
  • copying saved data from the application and then pasting it to the desired location
  • ability to edit data
  • sharing saved data
  • creating your data (notes)
  • search in stored data
  • creating and scanning a QR code for data exchange
  • clearing clipboard contents
  • set a password to enter the application
  • The application has convenient settings and an intuitive interface.

    Work with the application.

      When the Clipboard CopyPaster application is running and the switch is on (in the up position), all data copied to the clipboard will be saved in the application. If the switch is turned off (in the down position), the data from the clipboard will not be saved in the application.

    Switched ON

    Switched OFF

  • To paste data from Clipboard CopyPaster to clipboard, click on the "copy" icon in the data cell. The selected data will be copied to the clipboard from where you can paste the desired location.
  • To edit data: click on the "edit" icon and a window with data for editing will open in the desired cell. After editing, click "ok" and the edited data will be saved. If you click "cancel", then the main window with the data will be returned without change.

  • To share: select the data, click the "share" button and select the desired action.

  • To create a QR code: click the "QR code" button in the corresponding data cell.

  • The created QR code will open in a new window. Another user can scan it on his phone and the data will be transferred.

  • To scan a QR code, select "QR scanner" in the menu and point the camera of your phone to the QR code to be scanned. The scanned data will be copied to the clipboard and saved to the Clipboard CopyPaster.

  • To delete: click the "delete" button in the corresponding data cell.

  • If you want to delete all data: click the "delete" icon in the control panel.

  • To create your data: click the "add" button and after entering the text, click "ok".

  • To sort data in ascending or descending date: click the "sort" button in the control panel.
  • To set a password for entering the application: select "create password" in the menu. When you launch the application, you will be asked to enter a password. To delete a password: in the menu, select "Delete Password" and enter the existing password.

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