The purpose of TimeBell .

Need a reminder? No problem! Set it up easily with TimeBell !

  TimeBell - program reminders of events. Is there an important event you dont want to miss? Use TimeBell to remind you!
But TimeBell doesnt stop there.
 Need a site opened at a certain time? What about a program you need up and running, open file or close a program at a certain time? TimeBell does it for you, automatically!
TimeBell automates reminders and many repetitive computer actions for you. Once created in TimeBell, you will never have to worry about them again! What a time saver, your computer will remember to have that program up and running, even if you cant be there! TimeBell with its reminders and advanced capabilities, makes it simple! The TimeBell program is easy to understand, even someone new to computers will find it easy to get started. There is even a convenient desktop calendar.

New in this version TimeBell:

- Function Countdown Timer.

Capabilities and settings of TimeBell .

At predefined time TimeBell can:
- open a reminder window with your text (image can even be added to it)

- start up predefined program or open a file
- close selected a program
- open a predefined website
- switch off monitor, shutdown, put it to sleep or put it to standby mode, change PC user.
- show window with countdown 1 minute before action with powerPC
- change the wallpaper of desktop
- send an email using a predefined e-mail address
- accompany task by the sound
- synchronize time with atomic clock
All these tasks can be executed once or periodically (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).
All tasks can be performed in any combination, together or separately.
The number of TimeBell tasks is unlimited.

At start-up, TimeBell notifies you about any missed tasks.

Window missed event.

You can view the list of tasks on present day at starting program.

Window with tasks on present day.

TimeBell window tasks.

If you use multiple computers, you can transfer the data file with all the tasks of TimeBell between them via external storage or through Internet.
You can even create TimeBell tasks remotely through Internet.

Customized capabilities of TimeBell.
- run TimeBell with Windows (is active by default)
- minimize TimeBell to system tray on start (is not active by default)
- when TimeBell is run, show window with tasks on current day (is not active by default)
  In order to see tasks in more detail or edit a task, just double-click on the task with left mouse button to display a window with all the details.
- speak time every hour (is not active by default)
- displaying calendar on the desktop (is active by default)
- automatically download a tasks from website active by default). Delete of downloaded tasks from website (is active by default)
- windows "stickers" for create your notes
- function of the address book
- check update for new version TimeBell (is active by default). Check updates automatically - when startup TimeBell or manually select in menu "Check for Updates now". For disable this function please select in menu program "Disable automatically check updates".
- password to protecting access to TimeBell (is not active by default)

- countdown 1 minute before action with powerPC (is not active by default)

Synchronize time with atomic clock:
- automatically synchronize time with atomic clock (is active by default). You can disable this function.
- You can select periodically synchronize time with atomic clock: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly (hourly by default)
- at start-up TimeBell synchronizes time with atomic clock
- you can select SNTP server for synchronize time ( by default) or add your SNTP server

Window settings synchronize time with atomic clock.

Appearance TimeBell is customizable:
- skin
- color of the fonts
The following are displayed in the TimeBell calendar on the desktop :
- date and time
- a season of year
- the year according to oriental calendar
- a sign of the zodiac for the current date
- indication of the leap year

You can enable or disable the execution of tasks from the "TimeBell window of tasks" by clicking the right mouse button on the desired task and select in menu disable or enable. Disabling task will not be executed.

Setting for the calendar on the desktop:
- The 24-hours (by default) or the 12- hours AM/PM view by choice
- Select the day to start week : Monday (by default) or Sunday
- Skins calendar on the desktop
- For returning to current date, push button Today on calendar
- Variable transparency is available on the desktop calendar
- Double-click date on desktop calendar to create new task




Working with TimeBell .

In Window 7, 8 or Vista run TimeBell with administrator privilege.

Create new task:
Click button "Create new task" in the "TimeBell window tasks" or select "Create new task" in menu (click right button mouse on icon TimeBell in system trey) or double-click a date on desktop calendar.
- Select the date and time (if you is not select a hours, minute or seconds "00" will be set is default).
Choose action you want to create:
- Create text for the reminder, you can add an image.
- Choose a file or a program for start at predefined time.
- Choose a program for close at predefined time.
- Enter website address to open at predefined time (need to begin address with http:// or www).
- You can select a task related to PowerPC (switch off the monitor, shutdown, restart your PC, put it to sleep or to standby mode, change user).
You can send E-mail at predefined time for this fill all necessary fields in the window of sending e-mail :
E-mail to address of the recipient of the e-mail
E-mail from your e-mail address (the address from which you want to send the message)
E-mail subject theme of message
E-mail login your login for entrance to mail server from which you want to send message
E-mail password - your password for entrance to mail server from which you want to send message
E-mail SMTP server indicate SMTP server from which you want to send message (your can find on the post server) For example: or
Message for E-mail text of message which you want to send
Attention: No all e-mail servers support remote sending of E-mail. Please check your carrier to confirm this function is available.

- Choose the picture for changing desktop wallpaper
- Any of the above tasks can be accompanied by sound (no sound by default).
- Choose repeat interval for the task (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly). Task will be executed one time only by default.
All of these actions can be set in any combination, together or separately.
After creation of a task, click "OK" button. The created task will be displayed in the tasks window. If your need to clear an entry, push Cancel button.
For returning to current date, push button Today on calendar.

TimeBell create tasks (Skin "White").

TimeBell create tasks (Skin "Metall").

TimeBell create tasks (Skin "Gold").

Edit a task.
To edit a task:
- in the "TimeBell window of task", double-click on a task using the left mouse button
- tasks data will show the "TimeBell create tasks" window, where you can edit it
- after editing, click "OK" button to save the edited task
- for cancelling a task click "Cancel".

Delete a task.
To delete a task:
- select a task by click left button of the mouse, then click "DELETE" button.
- to delete more than one task: Select the tasks by combination left button of the mouse with "CTRL" or "SHIFT" buttons in window "TimeBell window of task" and click "DELETE" button.

Clone a task.
To clone a task:
- select a task with a left mouse button click in window "TimeBell window of task", then click the "Clone task" button .
- the task will be displayed in "TimeBell create tasks window", you can create identical tasks with different the times or dates. You can also edit a task in this window. This procedure is useful for creating identical tasks with different the times or dates (time and date should be different for each task!).

Creation task remotely via the internet.
Please visit website and register. After creation of your user ID on this website, enter the same login and password in TimeBell by clicking on Options (Top left corner of the "TimeBell window of tasks"), then Connect options ---> Connect settings.
Why is this need?
To remotely set up a task on a computer, see examples.
Example 1: You came home from work and remember that you need to make an important call tomorrow at 11:00. So you dont forget about it, you can create a reminder remotely. Just visit the website, and login to your account (enter the login and the password being used by TimeBell, where the task needs to be executed) and create the reminder for tomorrow at 11:00. Tomorrow, when you came to work, start your computer, and the reminder will be displayed by TimeBell (if option download the tasks from website is enabled). Tasks set up remotely at home will be downloaded and executed automatically!
Example 2: You came to work and remembered that you forgot to turn off the PC at home. Please visit website login to the account used by TimeBell on your home computer and create the task for computer shutdown. The task will then be downloaded and task and executed at predefined time.
TimeBell periodically checks and downloads tasks from the website every 10 minutes with beginning of an hour.

Please, note under create the time for task.
For creation task via internet :
- Please visit website and login under your account
- Choose the time
- Choose language which used on your computer
- Choose the date
Choose task/action:
- Create the text for reminder
- Add the path to a file or program, for starting at predefined time
- Add the path to a program, for closing at predefined time
- Add a website URL for opening at predefined time
- Action related to power PC of your computer (switch off monitor, shutdown, restart your computer, put it to sleep or to standby mode, change user).
- Any of the above actions can be accompanied by sound (no sound is set by default).
- Choose interval for task repetition (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly). Task is set to one-time execution by default.
All of these actions can be set in any combination, together or separately.
After creation of a task, click "OK" button. During tasks creation, to cancel the task, click "Clear forms" button. To delete created task, click "DELETE" button. To view task file, click "View file". To edit, enter task number and click "Edit" button. To delete, enter task number and click "DELETE" button.

TimeBell transfer file data tasks between computers via external storage.
When using TimeBell on several PCs, it can be necessary to execute an identical task in the other PCs. To do this, in TimeBell on the PC from which the file is stored, simply create an information file. Choose Options (Top left corner of the "TimeBell window of tasks") then "Export data" now save the file named "Information". Now import this file into the other PCs. Choose Options (Top left corner of the "TimeBell window of tasks") then "Import file" locate and click the "Information" file on external storage, (The "Information" will be located in folder TimeBell.), then click Open. TimeBell asks you, "do wish to replace task data (with deletion old tasks)?", if yes, click "Yes". Click "No", to add the tasks data to the existing TimeBell tasks without deletion.

TimeBell file data tasks transfer between computers via internet.
TimeBell can transfer tasks between computers via the internet. Please login in under the account you entered in the TimeBell, where you would like to import the tasks. In "Select file" locate the "Information" file in the TimeBell folder, and click "Upload file" button. File is loaded to website. TimeBell will download the file automatically (if under "Option" the setting of download tasks from the website automatically is chosen) and add to the tasks in the remote PC. You can use manual downloading data tasks to TimeBell by selecting from the in menu TimeBell "Connect for download the tasks from website". The PC must be connected to the Internet.

Create "stickers" for your temporary notes.

  You can create "stickers" for your temporary notes. For this select "Create sticker" in menu program(or click right button mouse on icon in tray and select "Create sticker") . You can set font color and transparency "stickers", click "Menu" on "sticker". The number "stickers" is unlimited.
After close TimeBell the stickers will deleted.

TimeBell AddressBook.

 TimeBellAddressBook created for keeping contact information and is equipped with many additional features.In TimeBellAddressBook can select birthday reminders, when start the program. Show information about birthdays for selected month. The choice skins and color for font. Click to letter if you want see listings of names and information.
 Sorting of entry is conducted on a last name in alphabetic order ( WARNING: Therefore a field the last name necessarily for filling on english language).
  For run TimeBellAddressBook click on "Run AddressBook" in menu TimeBell. For create a new contact , click "Create new contact" in the main window or click "Edit \ Add " in window adding - editing information. If you put a tick in "remind about birthday", at start-up program notifies you about birthdays on today. You can add image to information if press button "IMAGE" and choose desired image. After enter information click " OK ". For editing information, please click on desired string and press on button "Edit \ Add. " If you double click on desired string you can see full information in a separate window. For delete task, select the entry and press button "CANCEL" in main window. Or in a window of addition-editing information press on button "CANCEL".
  In TimeBellAddressBook you can add unlimited number of contacts and information.



Window "Create new contact".

Window "View contacts for selected letter".

TimeBell Countdown Timer.

 For reminder you can to use Countdown Timer. When countdown Timer is expired warning message box pop-up on your screen, flashing and make a sound(if you selected this function) you are sure to take notice. For run CountdownTimer click on "Run CountdownTimer" in menu TimeBell. Just enter the time and if you want playing sound, select this function - that's it.

Window for select time Countdown Timer.

Window Countdown Timer.

Warning message box Countdown Timer.

Registration TimeBell.

NOTE: The trial period is 30 days. After that, in order to continue to use TimeBell, you will need to buy and register the program.
We hope you enjoy it and choose to buy TimeBell!

You can buy TimeBell via :

After purchasing TimeBell enter the code in the registration window. For enter registration code, please select in menu Help "Enter registration code".

You get all this convenience for just $ 19.95 !

Never worry about an automated task or remembering an important meeting or task again!

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