NotRun software is freeware.

Thank you for choosing NotRun!

Purpose of NotRun

- prevent start selected programs ( is working with more programs).
- provide you a user-friendly interface
- be simple and easy to operate

In Windows Vista or 7 run NotRun with administrator privilege.

Customized capabilities of NotRun software.

- run NotRun when started Windows (this function is active by default)
- password protected access to NotRun (this function is not active by default)
- when NotRun is started, it minimized to system tray

Program appearance is corrected by:
- colour of the font

Operation with NotRun software.

- Choose a program (select .exe file) for prevent run.
After creation of a task, click "OK" button. The task created will be displayed in the tasks window. For delete task, select fields with task and push "Delete" button.
You can password protect access to NotRun . Please select in menu "Set password". "Disable password" is working before restart NotRun .




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